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Volunteer Interest List

8th Annual (1/21/13)
See actual Volunteer Schedule for the list of names by time.
1/9/12: As of 1/9 do not reference this list below. Please see the "volunteer Schedule" in the next link which will have the actual folks volunteering. This was more of a working sheet as folks sent me msgs over the past few weeks offering to volunteer. Thanks
7th Annual (1/16/12)
Please drop me an e-mail if you are interested and I will add you below and include your shirt size. In early January I'll be in touch so we can start to decide what shift you will volunteer for. (As noted from the other links this may not be determined until a few days before the tourney given your not knowing your day of schedule until then.)
DReno (9, AL), KSkidmore (9, ??), BSkidmore (12, ??), CBond (9, ??),
Justin Bates (9, AL),Connor Trainor (10, AM), Sean Hickey (9, AL) , Kyle Gillis (10, AM),
Ben Carboni (??, AL),  Joe Maguire (10, AL), Brian Hertzberg (11, AXL), Jake Boynton (10, AXL),
Matt Garvey (8, AM), Michael Schratz, Andrew Parent (9, AM), Dylan Lannon (12, AL)
Harrison Ward (9, AXL, 4B) , Justin Means (9, AM), Craig Anderson (AXL)
AXL -4
AL - 6
AM - 5
?? -  3
Ordered (8 - AXXL, 15 - AXL, 12 - AL, 10-AM)
Ordered (1, - AXL, 2 AL , 4-AM, 3- AS)