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As of this writing (1/1 1PM) most all the divisions are filled (3/4B, 5B, 6/7B) and there are spots remaining in the 1-8G, 8B and 1/2B divisions which may be claimed on a FCFS basis by sending me an e-mail. (See the bottom of the "Divisions" page which provides a complete breakout.)

You will also notice today the teams for the 3/4B and 5B divisions were posted today. These divisions permitted kids to sign-up as pairs (w/a friend) and the pairs were joined for a team of four. To form these teams I solicited individual (anonymous) feedback from various coaches at these levels familiar with the experience of many of the kids. The pairs were grouped and then drawn accordingly across groupings to still keep a random element to the formation of each team. The teams are our best attempt for better parity and in the process the kids will surely meet a few new friends as teammates. 

For the 1-8G Division the kids will breakout after the clinic and play 3 on 3. (older girls do competitions as well) However, we'll make the teams up the day of and again attempt to break the girls out the best we can. (again, I'll lean on coaches from these levels who know the girls the best to help w/this effort)

The 1/2B division in its first year has 15% of the kids in this tournament! It will be a clinic and also have some 3 on 3 but much less structured and more teaching the kids how to play 3 on 3.  (we plan to mix in some team basketball 3 on 3 games as well)

The shirt order has been finalized and forwarded. I will be ordering shirts for some of the remaining spots in the 1/2B, 1-8G and 8B divisions in hopes we can fill some of these by 1/19. I am also ordering a large volume of volunteer shirts (as I do each year) and any remaining shirts will be given to our Corporate Shirt & Basket Sponsors as a thanks for their support of the Jimmy Fund!

I'll be in touch as the tourney draws nearer with final details. If you have any questions in the meantime let me know.

Mike Vinson


PS I have received 90% of the registrations for the tournament. I recognize many registrations were in the past two weeks and everyone is just catching their breath after the holidays. If you have not already done so, please forward your registration along so I can take care of as much of the pre-tourney accounting as possible and we can collectively leave 1/19 to be a day "all about the hoop"!



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