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1/14 Announcement - Starting Times by Division


With the tournament 5 days away some last details:

Starting Times:

1st Shift HS Volunteers: 7:45 Horace Mann Gym

2nd Shift HS Volunteers: 12:15 Horace Mann Gym

3rd Shift HS Volunteers: 3:15 Horace Mann Gym

Kids Participating

1-8G:  12:30 Oak St Gym 

1/2B: 10:30 Oak St Gym

3/4B: 12:15 Horace Mann Gym

5B: 3:15 Oak St Gym

6/7B: 3:15 Oak St Gym

8B: 7:45 AM Horace Mann Gym

More specific from-through & breakdown times for each division are posted on the respective pages. (See "DIVISIONS" link)

For 1-8G and 1/2B we'll be making teams the day of the event. 

For 3/4B, and 5B the teams are made and complete 3 on 3 schedule w/match-ups posted.

For 6/7B & 8B the teams are made and the 3 on 3 schedule made. However, match-ups will be posted on 1/17. 

In all cases, don't worry about printing out schedules/etc. for any of the levels as the schedule will be all posted on the wall.

For your player all you need is:

a. Know the start time of your son/daughter's session.

b. Have he/she wear their shirt. (See Shirt Pick-Up Process Announcement)

c. Bring some water for your child for breaks. (Snacks are fine but please have your child eat these in the hallways as only water is allowed in the gym.)

d. Your child does NOT need to bring a ball. (We'll have plenty)


Horace Mann &* Oak St Gyms are the SAME location. (30 feet down the hall from one another)  The door which will be opened is in the back righthand side of the Horace Mann school looking from the road. (Near the playground)  You can park out front or there are limited spaces out back.

Please have your child put on their sneakers at the gym so we can keep the floors dry & safe.

Any questions drop me an e-mail at