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11/3 Announcement

Starts Times & Shirt Distribution



Note the following start times for Wed 11/11

1/2nd Boys Clinic:   12:45 (Oak St Gym)  [Until 2PM]
1/2nd/3rd Girls Clinic: 11:30 (Oak St Gym) [Until 12:45]

3B & 5B: 2:00 (Oak St Gym) [Until 5:00-5:30]

4B & 6B: 8:00 (Horace Mann) [Until 11:00-11:30]
4-7G: 8:00 (Horace Mann *) [Until 11:00-11:30]

* Announcements in HM..then will proceed to Oak St Gym to start...

7/8B: 1:00 (Horace Mann) [Until 4:30-5:00]

Please have your kids ready to go on time as we'll hit the ground running in each division....


Shirt distribution will be Saturday November 7th from 2-3PM at the Town Library. (I'll have the shirts spread out by Division in the main function room on the left as you enter the door facing School Street...lower level.)

The following process will be used to distribute the shirts:

a. If your son/daughter is on a team (i.e. all Girls 3rd-7th or Boys 3-8th) I will give ALL the shirts from the team to the first parent of that team to arrive.  I'd strongly recommend you communicate w/your fellow parents so there are no empty trips. The parent picking up the shirts will be responsible for distributing them to the other parents/kids. (either the day of the tourney or Sat-Tue beforehand)  If you do not know the e-mails of the other parents on the team send an e-mail to and I'll return an e-mail cc'ing all four parents and you can communicate accordingly to determine who will grab them.

b. If your son/daughter is participating in the clinic (Girls 1st-3rd, Boys 1-2nd) you can pick up the shirts during this time.  You are welcome to check w/other parents participating in the clinic and pick up multiple shirts to save trips.  

I'd like to distribute as many shirts as feasible in this 2-3PM window. Any shirts which I cannot will be distributed the day of the tourney.  (Pats Sun and working Mon/Tue so I cannot offer these as options for shirt pick-up) The day of is very busy and I'd recommend/request you make arrangements for you or another parent to pick up your shirt(s) on Saturday from 2-3PM.   (the parent does not have to be from your team...however you work it out is fine w/me. I frequently have a parent showing up picking up multiple teams of shirts or multiple invidual (clinic) shirts)  There is no need to let me know ahead of time what shirts you are picking up. I'll see a group of parents on Saturday for the distribution.

Thanks for helping in this process and let me know if any questions...

PS If you are unsure who the other players are on your son/daughter's team, you can view this by linking to the "Divisions by Grade with Player Rosters" off the main "3 on 3" page.