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Team Selection

Team Selection will be done in late May.  The team captains will meet with the league coordinator and draft the teams.
2019 Team Captains
Zapolski, Bondhus, Hand, Truenow 
2017 Team Captains
1. Mike Haynes
2. Shawn Kilcoyne
3. Joe Clark
4. Peter Williams
5. Alex Klowan
6. Tony Calderone
7. James Hanlon
8. Danny Cronin
9. Sam Donovan
10.  Jack Jenkins
2016 Team Captains (High School League)

.  Joe Clark
2.  Shawn Kilcoyne
3.  Alex Klowan
4.  Michael Haynes
5. Colin Grace
6. Brendan Bremser
7. David Goodfellow
8. Patrick Deem