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Registration Form

                         8th Annual 3 on 3 Registration Form

                        (Registration runs 11/1/13 - 12/15/13)
                            4/5G   6/7G
                          3/4B     5/6B    7/8B   
                       (pls circle division which applies)

Name #1:                                                         Grade & Shirt Size:

Name #2:                                                         Grade & Shirt Size:

Shirt Sizes:    AXXL  AXL  AL  AM  AS  YL  YM  YS

Registration Fees:

             3rd-8th Boys & 4th-7th Girls ($50 for two players, Register Players in Pairs  only)

(Please read the Team/Pairing Restriction Guideline to ensure your registration is accepted..if any questions pls e-mail Failure to comply w/the pairing restrictions may result in your son/daughter and his/her friend unable to be paired up and potentially at least one of them then unable to play.)
Registrations should be printed and filled out with a check enclosed and mailed to:

                        Franklin Jimmy Fund 3 on 3 Tourney
                        c/o Mike Vinson
                        19 Stewart Street
                       Franklin MA 02038    

          (dropping in mailbox fine as well)

Please make your checks payable to "Franklin Hoops ".

All registrations will be filled on a FCFS upon receipt with entries posted to the website in the respective divisions.  For consistency and fairness no spots can be reserved via an e-mail or verbally. Once a division is filled players will be put on a waitlist and spots will only open up if a registered player has plans change, is sick, etc.