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9/28/10 Announcement

As the tourney gets closer I'll start posting announcements for this year's 6th Annual Tourney on 11/11/10.  (I'll leave the others posted below in the "Previous Announcements" link)
We are on track for the tourney..
Currently 3B & 4B & 7/8B are filled...we have a few remaining spots in 4/5G, 5/6B. 
The 1/2B and 1/2/3G Clinics I expect may have open spots right up to 10/15.  A group of 10-15 works fine as well as Coach Walmsley will have the Oak Gym and all four baskets to utilize.
6/7/8G is a little over half full but know we'll get a wave in the next two weeks to either fill at 32 for 8 teams or get to 24 for 6 teams.  Either way fine....
However, I will be cutting this off on 10/15 as I do need to get the teams made right after 10/15 so I can get the shirt order in. (Each team wears a different color shirt)

Outside of tangible play, I will be sending out Business Sponsor Letters on 10/1.  You'll note last year I didn't send these out and you can read why in the "Sponsor" section.  We have always been fortunate to receive great support for this Jimmy Fund Charity and look forward to have "busy" backs to our shirts again this year.
I'll be in touch and use this "recent announcements" area as the best way I can be sure you are all current. I'll send periodic e-mails as well by division for those registered but  you can check in here as the easiest central location on info.