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11/8/10 Announcement


 All is set for Thursday. (Equipment, HS & Parent Volunteers, Refs, etc.)


A few notes:




Reporting Times to the Gym


4/5/6th Boys:  7:45AM at Horace Mann (Session 8:00AM-11:45)


6/7/8th Girls:  12:00 at Horace Mann (Session 12:15-3:45)


3rd Boys:  2:00 at Oak St (Session 2:15-4:30)


7/8th Boys:  3:45 at Horace Mann (Session 4:00-7:45)


4/5th Girls:  2:00 at Oak St (Session 2:15-4:30)


1/2/3rd Girls:  12:45 at Oak St (Session 1:00-2:15)


1/2nd Boys: 11:30 at Oak St (Session 11:45-1:00)


Please make your best effort to have your kids there on time as we have over 200 kids participating in the event and need to stay on schedule.


In addition, players will receive their tournament shirts to be worn for the tourney before the session begins. (These will be available 30 minutes prior to the start time of the session.)




Part of the climate of this tournament is there is NO coaching permitted by parents.  The kids get plenty of this between Rec, CYO, Metro/etc.   This is a day we roll out the balls and let them play...


Of course we have refs and at the younger levels (3B, 4/5G) High School Students will "coach" (instruct, encourage) them to help them along.  In addition, there is always the exception where if a team is struggling (down by a # of points) you as a parent can surely help regroup them to restore some confidence and have them "take a breath".  However, the idea is to not have them looking over their shoulder wondering if they took a bad shot or worrying about other components.  Simply to let them play ball and their allegiance to their teammates.


#3 Refs


For the 6/7/8G, 7/8B, 3B, & 4/5G  levels we will have adult refs.

For the  4B/5B/6B levels we will have High School Students Ref. Some have reffing experience and som do not. Pls take into consideration all these kids are volunteering their time to the tourney and doing the best they can.  I do not expect any issues with parents Thursday.


#4 Team Balance


The best effort was made to balance the teams. However,  as you know from any sport this is never entirely possible.  Some games will be competitive and others will be one-sided.  The idea of pairing the kids up ahead of time and then compiling teams of 4 based on experience has shown to foster more parity. However, we'll have a variety of competitiveness across the different games and within the divisions. 


Trophies wil be given out for Division Winning Teams and  Individual Champions in the Foul Shooting, Hotshot, & 3 Point Competition.  The 1/2/3G and 1/2B kids will all receive Jimmy Fund Certificates denoting their participation.



I'll post another announcement Tue or Wed night  with any last details I can't think of here.  In short, arrive a bit early, grab your son/daughter's shirt and they should be all set.