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11/9 Announcement (Still being added to..)

See the 11/8 Announcement for arrival times.
Reminder, no food or non-water drink in the gyms. Thank You.
As noted, 30 minutes prior to the start time a parent will have the shirt of your son/daughter:
7:30  (5B/6B)   Tom Thayer & Tony Noviello (Corner in HM Gym)
7:30 (4B) Amy Harvey (Hall outside Oak St Gym)
11:15  (1/2B)    Holly Scharland (Hallway outside Oak St Gym)
11:30   (6/7/8H)  Denise Cousineau (Hallway outside HM Gym)
12:30 (1/2/3G) Kathy Vinson (Hallway outside Oak St Gym)
1:45 (3B) Chris Sullivan (Hallway outside Oak St Gym)
1:45 (4/5G)  Judy Lahart  (Hallway outside Oak St Gym)
3:30 (7/8B) Nancy Kenney (Hallway outside HMann)
1/2B JF Certificate Writer (Erin Miller)
1/2/3G JF Certificate Write (Kathy Vinson)
Thanks All!