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(Pls help me with names on this list if you see one either spelled wrong, I am missing a first name, and/or in the transposition of notes I have made a mistake on results. Send  me an e-mail and I'll update this to get it right..tks)


Total Particpants: 253 (225 Players & 28 HS Volunteers)

Total Raised for the Jimmy Fund: $3,055

Team Champions


4/5th Girls


Cornell:  Bea Bondhus, Ali Ready, Jordan Jette, Meghan O'Brien



6-8G Girls:


Texas: Joanna Gray, Angie Canesi, Calia MacNeil, Nellie Adams



3th Boys:

Colgate: Thomas Gasbarro, Jack Rudolph, Sean Earley, Cashman


4th Boys:

Gerard Collins, Will Harvey, Ben Guzman, Hagen

5th/6th Boys:

Notre Dame: Ryan Keeley, Rooney, Justin O'Callahan, Brian Wahlberg


7/8th Boys:

Alabama:  Justin Bates, Niko Sousa, Jack Adams, Corey Jacobs



Individual Champions

4G   Hotshot:

  Finalists: Shannon Gray, Jessica Reno, Kelly McGrath

  Champion: Kelly Lahart (12/18)
4G Foul Shots

  Finalists: Valencia, Egan, Bondhus,

  Champion: Kelly Lahart (6/7, 5/7)
5G Hotshot
  Finalists: Jordan Jette, Houlihan
  Champion: Ali Ready (6/13)
5G Foul Shot
   Finalists:  Jordan Jette, Houlihan
   Champion: Ali Ready (5/7, 7/7, 5/7)
6G Hotshot:

   Finalists:  McGowan, Reardon, Langley, Fontaine
  Champion: MacNeil (15)
6G Foul Shot:
  Finalists: Ganatossio, Santoro, McGowan, Reardon
  Champion: Fontaine (6/10, 6/7)
8G Hotshot
   Finalists: Joanna Gray, Angie Canesi, Elias
    Champion: Krasnick  (8/17)
8G Foul Shots
   Finalists: Joanna Gray, Grace, Elias
  Champion: Markland (7/10, 5/7)
3rd Boys Jr. Hotshot:

  Finalists: Sean Earley, Nico Scaringello, Griffin Scanlan


  Champion: Jack Rudolph (32) [just short of 34 record]


3rd Boys Jr. Foul Shooting:

  Finalists: Jacob Cohen, Thomas Gasbarro, Cody Trotin

   Champion: Nico Scaringello (10/10, 7/7)

                                           (** New Record **)

4th Boys Jr. Hotshot:

  Finalists: Griffin Beckett, Hagen, Matt Durkey

  Champion: DJ Shabbick (21, 16)

4th Boys Jr. Foul Shooting:

  Finalists: Luke Young, Brendan White, Nitin Chaudhury

  Champion: Gerard Collins (7/10, 5/7, 2/2)


5th Boys Hotshot:

  Finalists: Deven Patel, Jack Stavely,  Paul Rudolph


  Champion: Jake Noviello (19, 16)


5th Boys Foul Shot:

  Finalists:Paul Rudolph, Paul Mahon


  Champion: Matt Elias (8/10, 5/7)


6th Boys Hotshot

  Finalists: Paccini, Jacob Dentch


  Champion:  Max Lichenstein (19, 21)


6th Boys Foul Shot

  Finalists: Max Lichenstein, David Goodfellow, Paccini, Wyatt Arsenault, Sam Arsenault, 


    Champion:David Hardin (6/10, 5/7)


7th Boys Foul Shot

  Finalists:  Thomas Houlihan, Austin Kennedy, Billy Lahart

  Champion: Mike Skaza (10/10, 5/7)


7th Boys 3 Pointers

  Finalists:  ??

  Champion: Nick Parent (6, 5)


8th Boys Foul Shot

  Finalists: Connor Bond, Markus Bohmiller, Dylan Reno, Josh Pradko

  Champion: Jack Sameski (9/10, 7/7)


8th Boys 3 Pointers

Finalists: Quintin McDermott, Jack Sameski, Dylan Reno

Champion: Markus Bohmiller (10, 12)


                    ** New Tournament Record of 12**