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Team Selection will be held Sun Night 12/18 at 7:30 at Panera.

The team selection process will first involve a sound discussion of all ballplayers to make the best effort to balance the teams.  Each Team Captain will be chosen in the round appropriate for their skill level. (rounds 1-10) This will be determined in advance by the league coordinator (Mike Vinson) following the anonymous input of a # of coaches.  In advance of the draft numerous coaches and parents will be asked to anonymously submit feedback on the players which will be compiled as used for reference by the coordinator on team selection night.  This process has been used in prior years with success and will help in the team-balancing effort.

For fairness/consistency sake, unless there are extenuating circumstances no players will be pre-assigned to a particular coach/team/friend/etc.  The exception is brothers who will be placed on the same team.

NOTE: This process above was first used for the  10-11 winter season and worked very well. (night of draft and parity for the season)