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Foul Shooting

All 3/3 tournament participants in grades 3-8 boys and 4-8 girls are eligible to participate in the Foul Shooting Competition.

Each player will receive 2 practice shots followed immediately by 10 fouls shots.  The 10 foul shots are what count towards the competition. (The scorekeeper is not 100% responsible but will try to remind the participant when the 2 practice shots end and the 10 shots begin)

Each player has one opportunity.

The top 3-5 foul shooters advance to the Finals. (minimum 3)

The finals will consist of 1 practice shot and 7 foul shots.  A sudden death shoot-off will break any tie for first place.

There will be one foul shooting champion per grade per gender.

(In the lower grades, the kids will shoot a "junior foul shot" from a spot closer than the actual foul line - approximately 8 feet from the hoop)

The tournament records for Foul Shooting are as follows:

 Minimum 15 Shots

7th Grade Josh Kale at the 3rd Annual Tourney (21/22 95.5%
(10/10 in the Preliminary Round, 6/7 in the finals and 5/5 in the sudden death tiebreaker)

7th Grade Nick Ethier at the 2nd Annual Tourney (16/17 94.1%)
(9/10 in the first round, 7/7 in the finals)
7th Grader Sean Vinson at the 12th Annual Tourney (19/21,  90.4%_)
(10/10 in the first round, 8/10 in finals, 1/1 in Sudden Death) 

Minimum 25 Shots

8th Grader Bryan Abbott at the 4th Annual Tourney (31/32 96.9%) (10/10, 7/7, 14/15 in sudden death tiebreaker w/Tommy Rae...Bryan hit 31 shots in row!)

8th Grader Tommy Rae at the 4th annual Tourney (30/32, 93.8%) (8/10, 7/7, 15/15 in a sudden death tiebreaker with Bryan Abbott!)

8th Grade Matt Dean at the 1st Annual Tourney (31/36 86.1%)
(11/12 in the first round, 10/12 in the finals, 10/12 in the 
The Girls' record was set by Sara Berthiaume as a 7th grader at the 1st Annual Tourney. (8/10 in the first round and 9/10 in the finals...85%)

Junior Foul Shooting Record
3rd Grader Nico Scaringello hit 17/17 (10/10, 7/7) (100%) Junior Foul Shots at the 6th Annual Tourney.

3rd Grader Paul Rudolph hit 16/17 (94.1%) Junior Foul shots at the 4th Annual Tourney. (10/10 and 6/7)

3rd Grader Colin Berg hit 11/12 (91.7%) Junior Fouls shots at the 1st 
Annual Tourney. (4/5 in the first round and 7/7 in the finals)