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The "Hotshot Event" is a timed shooting challenge with various shots worth a given amount of points.  Boys in grades 3-6 and Girls in grades 4-6 will participate in the hotshot.

Each child will have 45 seconds. There will be different spots on the floor worth different amount of Points.

            -  Any Shot (1 Pt)
            - Foul Shot (3 Pts)
            - Top of Key (5 Pts)

Every player can shoot from whatever spots he/she wishes during the 45 seconds. Keep in mind each player is responsible for their own rebounding.

The only restriction is a player after making a 1, 3, or 5 point shot must then shoot from a different point value on their next shot..  

For the younger "Junior" kids (3B, 3/4G) we adjust the scoring a bit starting w/the 2nd Annual Tourney as follows...

            Lay-Up: 1 Point
            Junior Foul Shot (8 Feet): 3 Points
            Foul Shots: 5 Points

The tournament Hot Shot record:
28: 7th Grader David Marsh at the 11th Annual Tourney: 
    8th Grader Parker Davenport at the 12th Annual Toruney with 27 points      
    8th Grader Connor Hill at the 12th Annual Tourney with a score of 27 Points 
    6th Grader Ben Guzman at the 8th Annual Tourney with a score of 27 Points
    7th Grader Declan Walmsley at the 11th Annual Tourney with a score of 26 Points  

    6th Grader Catie Phelan at the 1st Annual Tourney with a score of 25 Points.

    5th Grader Logan Kenney at the 4th Annual Tourney with a score of 25 Points.

    6th Grader Patrick Deem at the 7th Annual Tourney with a score of 25 Points.

The Junior Tournament Boys Record

3rd Grader Mikey Skaza with 34 Points at the 2nd Annual Tourney.

The Junior Tournament Girls Record

3rd Grader Vanessa Edgehill  with 30 Points at the 2nd Annual