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1/11/12 Announcement (Shirt Pick-Up & Starting Times)

Starting Time , Gym (Ending Time)
5/6th Boys: 7:45AM  Horace Mann  (12:00)
4th Boys: 11:45 Horace Mann (3:30)
4th Girls: 12:15 Oak Street   (3:30)
1/2nd Boys: 10:45 Oak Street  (12:15)
3rd Boys: 3:30 Oak Street (6:15)
7/8th Boys:  3:15 Horace Mann (7:15)
* Some teams may finish 20-40 minutes earlier based on advancement to the semi-finals or finals. (2/3G and 1/2B excluded from finals)
Shirt Pick-Up
Shirts can be picked up ahead of time ONLY from 9:30-10:30 on Sat 1/14 in the Sullivan School Lobby. Any shirts not picked up during this time will need to be picked up the day of the tourney.
Please note:
- 1/2B is the ONLY level shirts can be picked up individually.
-  All other levels the first parent to arrive at Sullivan for a team will be given all the shirts for that respective team.  That parent will be responsible for distributing the shirts to the other players on the team. Hence, it is strongly recommended you communicate ahead of time with your fellow parents to avoid making an empty trip. If you don't know the e-mail of the other parents on your team drop me an e-mail and I'll reply and cc all team parents on your child's team.   
- Volunteer Shirts for High School Student Volunteers will be picked up by a parent for each shift as noted in the Volunteer File.