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7th Annual Summary

7th Annual Tourney (1/16/12)


- 200 Players (Boys & Girls Grades 1-8)


- 35 Student Volunteers (Boys & Girls Grades 9-12)


- $3,200 Raised for the Jimmy Fund bringing our 7 Year total to $19,925!


The website has been updated as follows:

- The 7th Annual Archives (Team & Individual Results, Records Broken)

- The Accounting File has our tourney Revenue/Expenses and Tourney Donation outlined. (On 3/5 the acknowledgment letter from the Jimmy Fund of our tournament donation for $3200 was received and mailed to all participants.)

In addition to the HS Student volunteers, a special thanks to..

* The Family Sponsors (See "Sponsor" Link)


* Our Corporate/Business Sponsors (See "Sponsor" Link)

* Matt Sousa & Bill Brigham for conducting the 1/2B & 1/2/3G Clinic.


* Charlie Clark, Tony Calderone, Dan Bremser, & Rick Arsenault for coordinating the 5/6B Division.

* Joe Doucette, Rick Arsenault, John Grace, Mark Eccher, and John Capodanno for reffing and coordinating the 7/8B Division.


*Russ Gasbarro,  Joe Scaringello, John Loukota &  Tully Cunningham for coordinating the 4B Division.


* Mark Bontempo for  coordinating the 3B Division.

* Matt Sousa, Charlie Clark, Deb Phillips, and Bill Brigham for coordinating  the 4G Division.


* Jean & Elizabeth Clark for preparing and putting up all the Basket Sponsor Signs.


* Any other parents who helped  out with different components. I apologize for missing you above or perhaps didn't notice as you took the initiative to help seeing a need on your own. Thank You!



High School Volunteers:

Joe Maguire, Ben Carboni, Brian Hertzberg, Jared Trainor, Craig Anderson, Kyle Skidmore,Brendan Skidmore, Cameron Kelley,Jeff Gray, Billy Lynch,Greg Staub, Pat O'Reilly,Chris Rodgers, Joe Palazini, Nolan Deverix, Brian Sugrue,Chris Murray,
Wyatt Arsenault, Sam Arsenault, Colin Grace, Austin Kennedy,Tim Prunier, Jacob Dentch,

Connor SanClemente, Justin Bates, Harrison Ward,Justin Means,

Dylan Reno,Sean Hickey, Andrew Parent,Connor Bond

 Jake Bontempo, Noah Kinhart, Luke Boynton, Matt Garvey


 Jillian Spolidoro, Lexi Martin, Lauren Markland , Johanna Gray 

 Holly Shumway,Missy Rogers,Olivia Kraznick



** If I missed someone please let me know so I can get it right and add accordingly. None purposeful of course but I think I have you all listed. **




         We'll hope to see you all for the 8th Annual 1/21/13 !