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4 on 4 Overview

The Franklin Jimmy Fund Tourney was held from 2006-2017.  Originally as a 3 on 3 Tourney held on the MLK Holiday (See "3 on 3" link) this transitioned to a 4 on 4 Tournament and renamed the "Turkey Shoot" when it moved to the day before Thanksgiving in 2012.  All games are held at Horace Mann.


1st Annual: $2145 (161 B/G  Players, 31 High School  Students Volunteered) [1/16/06] (3 on 3)

2nd Annual: $3045 (185 Players, 65 HS Volunteers) [1/15/07] (3 on 3)

3rd Annual: $3155 (187 Players, 67 HS Volunteers) [1/21/08]  (3 on 3)

4th Annual: $4140 (221 Players, 44 HS Volunteers) [1/19/09] (3 on 3)

5th Annual: $1,185 (170 Players, 28 HS Volunteers) [11/11/09] (3 on 3)


6th Annual: $ 3,055 (225 Players, 27 HS Volunteers) [11/11/10] (3 on 3)

7th Annual:  $ 3,200   (200 Players, 35 HS Volunteers) [1/16/12] (3 on 3)


7th Annual (b): $2618 (104 Players, 15 HS Volunteers) [11/21/12] [See Turkey Shoot Link]


8th Annual: $2,880 (164 Players, 11 HS Volunteers ) [1/21/13]  (3 on 3)


9th Annual: Turkey Shoot $1,385 [11/27/13] [See Turkey Shoot Link]


10th Annual: Turkey Shoot $1200 (11/26/14) [See Turkey Shoot Link] 


11th Annual: Turkey Shoot $1210 (11/25/15) 


12th Annual : Turkey Shoot $520 (11/23/16) 


13th Annual: Turkey Shoot  $1150 (11/22/17)




The tourney is open to Franklin kids. Players sign-up in pairs (friend in the same Division  & Gender) and the two players will be on the same team. All teams will subsequently be compiled of six players per team with the best efforts made to balance the teams.  For consistency and fairness, no requests will be honored for specific pairs to be placed on the same team.  In addition, parents should review the "pair building guidelines" on the registration page before submitting the registration.


Registration includes a Jimmy Fund 4 on 4 Tourney Shirt to be worn the day of the event. (Each team will have a different team name and respective color shirt)

All accounting components (revenue/expenses) of the tourney will be explicitly outlined in the Accounting File.  The donation will be made to the Jimmy Fund the first week in December and the subsequent acknowledgment letter from the Jimmy Fund will be e-mailed out to all participants.