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Game Rules

Game Rules
(6 Players Per Team Roster)

1. Each game will be two  running time halves.  (stopped time in the last 30 seconds of half & game)

3/4B: 9 Minute Halves
6/7G: 9 Minutes Halves
5/6B: 9 Minutes Halves 
7/8B: 10 Minutes Halves

2. Points are as normal. (2 pts for a field goal, 1 for a free throw, no 3 point field goals as there are no 3 pt arcs on the half-court) [no 1-1] (Running time so we'll keep foul shots moving!)

3. Two players sub in at each interval (Each player will sub twice in the game)

For 9 Min halves 6:00 & 3:00, For 10 min Halves 6:40 and 3:20.
NOTE: When for 7/8th are played in Oak St it is 3 vs 3. (Subs at 7:30, 5:00, 2:30)
5. ALL fouls in the last 30 seconds of the game are 2 shots.   (Scorekeeper counts down last 30 seconds which is STOPPED time.)

6.  Full Court Press

- For 3/4B there is no full court press.
- For 5/6B there is full court press in the last 2 minutes of the game.
- For 7/8B there is full court press all game permitted.

7. When in question metro rules apply.

- Jump Ball to Start each half, Alternating Possessions follow each half
- 1 timeout per team only to be used in final 30 seconds. (ball at mid-court on check after timeout) 
-  There is no overtime. Tie gaems are decided at the foul line with a player from each team taking a foul shot.  If the game is still tied after all 6 players shoot a free throw it is sudden death with each team able to determine a free throw shooter which rotates as long as there is a tie.
- 3/4B, 5/6B just play man to man defense; double team ball inside arc. [No restrictions on 6/7G and 7/8B]

- stealing off the dribble is permitted at all levels. ("regular basketball rules")

Advancement to the Championship Game

A Championship Game will be held for all levels. The top two teams advance.

- No tiebreakers (i.e. head to head etc.)  All teams tied go to the foul line.