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                                   St. Mary's CYO Basketball 
The St. Mary's CYO Basketball Program consists of Boys' and Girls' Teams in Grades 5-12.
Our parish basketball website is above. 

Tryouts are held in October/Nov and the season finishes up in early March. (Practice one night a week in Foxboro or Franklin and games on Saturday or Sunday vs surrounding parishes.)
For the 2019-20 Season St. Mary's is fielding the following teams:
Boys: (14 Teams)              
12th A Team
11th A Team
11th B Team
10th A Team
10th B Team
9th A Team
9th B Team 
8th A Team
8th B Team 
7th A Team
7th B Team
6th A Team
6th B Team
5th A Team 
Girls (5 Teams)
9-12th Girls Team (Blue) 
9-12th Girls Team (White)
8th Girls
7th Girls
6th Girls

The 2019-20 schedule will be releated in Nov 2019. For reference, the 18-19 schedule is below.
                     2018-19 Schedule 
                                  (Click on the "St. Mary's Franklin" link)
 CYO Basketball Director: Mike Vinson   ( )
- Middle School (5-8th) tryouts are held in October after Metro tryouts.   In an effort to accommodate as many kids as possible for St. Mary's we do not permit Metro kids to play CYO.
- High School Tryouts are held in November BEFORE School High School Tryouts.  This has to be done before since School HS tryouts start 4 days  after Thanksgiving and the CYO HIgh School League starts 9 days after Thanksgiving. (CYO teams are announced 7 days after Thanksgiving two days before the season begins.)
- If a High School student does not attend any CYO Tryouts he/she is not eligible to be selected on a CYO team if he/she is cut from their respective school HS Team.
- The cost for CYO is $285/year.  This includes one practice a week in Franklin (Remington) or Foxboro (Charter or Mass Premier)  and on average one game a weekend. (Early Dec to late Feb 12-14 game season)  Games are most often on Sunday but some parishes have gym time on Saturday. (All St. Mary's Home Games are on Sunday at Remington or Foxboro Charter)
Send Mike Vinson an email if you have any questions about the league.