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Anonymous (name suppressed) e-mail I received from a former Franklin Youth Basketball Coach back in 2005...

***On Mon 10:26a Mar 7, 2005 xxx  wrote***

As I walked out of the gym Saturday, I came to realize that this was my last Rec game after 15 years of coaching or as an assistant coach in Franklin Youth Basketball. Most of the young boys I first coached at 3rd and 4th grade level are now young men, either in college or out working like the rest of us. Some I see around town or with my own older sons,and occasionally I still hear my favorite greeting, "hey coach". Through the years I have seen many changes and a lot of growth in FYB, but one constant has always been there, keeping the fun in the game. As youth sports coaches this is what we should strive towards above all else. It has been very rewarding as a coach and parent to be involved with this program, I know the time and effort volunteers like you and the others who are league commissioners commit to each and every week during the season.

I ask that all coaches now and future always remember that this is "Rec Ball" an opportunity for young boys and girls to get together each Saturday to play with or against their friends, and to have fun, regardless of the score. As a youth basketball coach, nothing is more rewarding than watching the excitement of a child making his/her first basket or making the "big play", while Mom/Dad and sometimes Grandparents are in the stands. I still remember all of those "big plays" the hundreds of young boys have made through the years that I have coached and yes, I still remind those now young men of their glory days at Davis Thayer.