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8/9th Grade Fall Championship Game: 9/16/20  

 Magic 44  Celtics 34

Front Row: (L to R) Zach Winer, Ben Zia, Brady McGonagle, Chris McGonagle

Back Row: (L to R) Zach Allen, Ben Ryan, Blake Hardin, Declan Barca, Hayden Reilly




             [Problems getting the 2019 picture loaded]


Fall 2019 Championship Game (10/28/19)

 Bucknell 58 North Carolina 53

 Back Row: Aakash Jayam, Chris McGonagle, Andrew Benoit, Coach Erin Benoit

 Front Row: Kyle Walsh, Ryan Connelly, Shane Walsh, Brady McGonagle, Sam Potts

 Missing: Elias Robles, Cam Forcina


2018 Fall Championship Game (10/29/18)
Loyola 51  Georgia 44

Back row (L to R): Tyler Rocco (Coach), Luke Trinanes, Dylan Moran, Ren Leong, Derek Terwilliger

Front row (L to R): Brady McGonagle, Chris McGonagle, Aiven Nichols, Vignesh Jangareddi


10/30/17 Championship Game:
Wichita State 58  Indiana State 54



Back Row (L to R) Colin Walsh, Evan Rossi, Joe Simone, Anthony Socci, Bench Coach Matt Walsh

Front Row (L to R) Ravin Chaudhury, James Schaefer, Jack Ryan, Tyler Fitzpatrick, Will Deschenes


Missing in picture: Brock Gabis







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