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Spring HS Schedule & Standings 2019

NOTE: For Regular Season Games we are playing "Hour Ball" .  The game will start 10 minutes early "On the Hour" if the court is clear. (i.e. your 1110 game will start at 1100)  All players should be ready to go 20 minutes before the listed game time below.
All games at Horace Mann. 
Team a: Lane College (Downing)
Team b: Oregon (Johnson)
Team c: Youngstown State (Kolb)
Team d:  East Carolina (Land)

Team e: Valparaiso (Carroll)
Team f: Murray State (DaSilva)
Team g:  North Carolina (Schulze)
Team h:  Fitchburg State (Marsh)
Team w: Central Florida (Truenow)
Team j: Wichita State (Papa)
Team k:  Tufts (Flynn)
Team l:  Davidson (Duval)
Team m: Colby (McCarthy)
Team n:  Kentucky (Bradshaw)
For 3/23  teams a, c, e, g, w, k, m should all wear WHITE. (Not yellow or grey)
For 3/23   teams b, d, f, h, j, l, n  should all wear DARK. (i.e. Navy or Red or Black)
8:10    a/b 
9:10    c/d
10:10  e/f
11:10   g/h
12:10   w/j
1:10     k/l
2:10     m/n


For 3/30  teams a, b, e, f, w, j, l should all wear WHITE. (Not yellow or grey)
For 3/30   teams d, c, h, g, n, k, m  should all wear DARK. (i.e. Navy or Red or Black) 
8:10     a/d
9:10     b/c
10:10  e/h (even if shirts are in team h should bring and wear DARK as both teams yellow/gold)
11:10   f/g
12:10    w/n
1:10      j/k
2:10       l/m
(Shirts may be in for 3/30 and at the gym this day but don't assume this. Please wear the shirt as specificed above.) 

8:10       j/l
9:10       k/n
10:10     w/m
11:10     f/h
12:10    e/g
1:10       b/d
2:10       a/c


8:10      l/h
9:10      e/j
10:10     f/d
11:10     g/w
12:10     c/k
1:10       b/n
2:10       a/m

8:10    g/n
9:10    c/l (both teams are l should bring and wear a WHITE shirt)
10:10  b/m
11:10  d/k
12:10  e/w  (w should bring and wear a DARK shirt as both teams are yellow/gold)
1:10     f/a
2:10     h/j


8:10     f/l
9:10     b/j
10:10   k/m (both teams light or Carolina K should bring and wear DARK)
11:10   a/w
12:10   c/g
1:10     e/n
2:10      d/h

5/4  (Need gym 12:50 - 6:00)
SATs are Sat morning 5/4
1:10 Seed 14 vs Seed 3   (Game A) 
2:15  Seed 13  vs Seed 4  (Game B)
3:20  Seed 12   vs Seed 5 (Game C)
4:25  Seed 11  vs Seed 6 (Game D) 
5/11 Playoffs (Need gym 8:00am-3:00pm)
8:10   Seed 10  vs Winner 7 (Game E)
9:15   Seed 9   vs Winner 8  (Game F)
10:20   Seed 2 vs Winner Game E  (Game G)
11:25   Seed 1 vs Winner Game F (Game H)
12:30  Winner Game A vs Winner Game D (Game I)
1:35  Winner Game B vs Winner Game C (Game J)


5/18  Playoffs   (Need gym  8:15-12:30)
8:30 Winner Game J vs Winner Game H (Game K)
9:35 Winner Game G vs Winner Game I (Game L)
         Championship Game      
10:45  Winner Game K vs Winner Game L