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Summer 2021 Rules (Safety & Basketball)

Last Updated: 5/29/21 (masks no longer required)
The rules for High School & Senior League_
All players on the court and sideline must wear a mask.
Prior to subbing in (see sub interval section below) each player must take a dab of sanitizer.  This will two bottles at the table by mid-court. 
Refs will only touch ball once for the opening jump. After this point the refs will direct where and when it can be thrown in but players need to "get to the ball to the right place".
- Games will start at the tip time identified on the schedule.
- If a team doesn't have 5 players by the tip-time a 5 minute grace period will be placed on the clock. (If we go to the grace period the first half will be 16 min running time instead of 20 minutes.)
a. If there are not 5 players (even if some are documented "on the way") on the court by the end of this grace period the game will be deemed a forfeit.  (We need to keep all these games moving and be consistent within this policy.) Players should still divide up those in attendance and play a game. (Two 18 min running time halves) [If needed pull a player or two from the previous game to have enough for a run.]
- Two 20 minutes running time halves
- Clock stops in the last 30 seconds of the first half and last 90 seconds of the game.
 - The clock does not stop after made baskets.
- As always, the refs have the discretion to stop the clock for any reason  including to get subs in.
- Most regular HS Rules (5 fouls, etc.)
1) Running time instead of stopped time most of the game. (see above)
2) No shot clock.
3) Bonus is on 9 fouls in the half OR the third foul in the last minute of the half.  There is no 1-1 as all foul shots in the bonus are two shots. (hence, it is really the "double-bonus")
4) Overtime (3 min w/the last 45 seconds stopped time) continues w/the bonus if the second half ended with the bonus occurred regardless if it occurred due to 9 fouls or "3 in the last last minute")
5) The refs will touch the ball to start overtime w/the center jump.
- A Technical Foul counts as a player foul and a team foul.
- In the event a player gets two technical fouls in one game he will be disqualified from the current game and also be suspended from the next game. (Whether it is a regular season or  playoff game)
- Each team gets 2 timeouts a game.
- In (each) overtime all team timeouts reset to 1 to start the overtime period. 
- Any player can call timeout on the floor or on the bench.

- Each player must play at least two shifts of at least 4 minutes in each of the two halves.
- In the first half subs are at the 15:00, 10:00 and 5:00 mark. (If the start is delayed due to a grace period clock waiting on 5th player the subs are at the 12:00, 8:00 and 4:00 mark since the half is 16 instead of 20 minutes.
- In the second half subs are at the  15:00, 10:00, 6:00 and 2:00 marks.  Each player must play at least 2 of the first 4 shifts in the second half. The captain can determine who plays the final two minutes. (Anyone may play the final two minutes whether they are on the court or the bench for the 6:00-2:00 shift of the second half)
- There are no other times for subs.  Once the subs are made for the shift this is the shift.

- If a team has at least 6 players for a game, each player must be out of the game for at least one of the first 6 shifts.  (If a player is late for a game and misses the first shift this suffices under the minimum sit time.)
- If a player arrives late for the game he can play in the next shift but not sub in during an existing shift. (i.e. if a player arrives 2 minutes into the game he can play in the 15:00-10:00 of the first half but cannot play in the 20:00-15:00 shift)
- Players should get their "dab of sanitizer" 45-60 seconds prior to subbing in.  The scorekeepers will help with this as they are keeping the clock on a cell phone.
* Player injury or a player fouling out should be the only exception to the above PT requirements.

- In the 3:00 overtime subs can be sent to the table at 1:30 if a team wishes. However, please be aware the refs will only stop play during hard whistles. (times in a normal basketball game subs would be allowed)  In overtime there are no "ref whistles to get in the subs" and the 3:00 and 1:30 mark are the ONLY times one can sub. (outside of players fouling out)
If there are any situations not listed here under debate the judgment of the game officials is considered final.  There are no game protests or other challenges. Once a game is over it is final.