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Team Captains

2018-19 Team Captains:
Alec DaSilva, Kevin Flynn, Sam Zapolski, Henry Land, Kyle Johnson
Ethan McCarthy, Ben Kolb, Shane Truenow, Ethan Bowen
2017-18 Team Captains
Matt Durkey, Shane Truenow, Joe Clark, Jack Stavely,
Kevin Flynn, Tim Duval, Tony Calderone, Chris Olah,
Clayton Schulze, Kyle Johnson 
2016-17 Team Captains
Shawn Kilcoyne,  Brendan Bremser, Joshua LeClaire, Jack Stavely,
Packie Watson, Jack Jenkins, Sam Beaudin, Max Lichtenstein
2015-16 Team Captains
Luke Boynton, Hayden Whitmore, Brendan Bremser,
Shawn Kilcoyne, Adam Duval, Wyatt Arsenault,
Jacob Peters, Nick Yelle 
2014-15 Team Captains
Bryan Kopech, Jack Sameski
Aaron Rappaport,  John Nguyen
Jake Bontempo, Brad Bedarian 
Harrison Ward, Noah St. Cyr 
All Team Captains are upperclassmen students.

There is no fair way to permit all combination of players to pair up.  Since we cannot allow the same flexibility for all the only pre-draft pair-ups will be as follows;

#1 Brothers will be on the same team if they request so.

No other pre-draft requests can be accommodated. (again, no fair way to do this....two first rounders or two second rounders wish to match clean way to handle.) 

2013-14 Team Captains

1.   Justin Means
2.   Jack Sameski
3.   Mike Durkin
4.   John Horrigan 
5.   Mike Durkin
6.   Sean Baur

2012-13 Bench Coaches (Team Captain)

#1  Greg Moll (Tom Moll)

#2  Steve Skaza (Andy Skaza)

#3 Ken Shea (Stephen Shea)

#4 Rich Hertzberg  (Brian Hertzberg)

#5 Mark Eccher (Brandon Eccher)

#6 Joe Zukowski (David Zukowski)
#7 David Ward (Justin Yancich)
#8 Jeff Gray (Jeffrey Gray)
#9 TBD (John Horrigan)

#10 Tom Duval (Adam Duval)