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Participation Grid Overview



NOTE: The reference to "experience" below does not imply years of play but simply  player ability/skill.


The player participation grids are a consistent means that all coaches use to allocate playing time.  


The priority of the grids are as follows:


1. Equal playing time for each child regardless of ability. Each week every child will play at least four periods (*)and the discrepancy between any two kids will be no more than  one period. (The determination of which kids get the extra period is not based on experience but the count of players on each team)


* This statement is made on the assumption there are no more than 10 kids per team.


2. Competitive Balance - More skilled kids playing against the more skilled kids from the opposing team; Less skilled kids vs  less skilled kids. In cases where there is a mix the attempt is made to balance the number of skilled kids on the floor on both teams. It should be noted that equal playing time will not be compromised to have a competitive balance if such a conflict arises.






The grids are on-line. It is the coaches responsibility to have copies of all grid permutations to be prepared for each game depending upon how many kids attend each week.  Coaches must exchange grids prior to the start of each game.  




Given the need for the coaches to prepare these grids prior to each game, most coaches will request you to extend the courtesy to them by notifying them if your child will be unable to attend or will be running late in a given week.  (Each coach may have their own individual request on this so please check w/them at the start of the season)


Your child arriving after the grids are made (20 minutes into the session) causes a delay to both coaches (& hence, all the kids on both teams) as the grids need to be redone. It is understood in some cases your child has no other option  to arrive late. However, please understand the impact.  Due to the delays, we have well-warranted strict guidelines for late arrivals. (i.e. if the player arrives after the grids are done, the player may not participate until the grids are redone at halftime..if a player arrives after half-time the player cannot participate)  The policy sounds harsh at face value but once you see the impact of coaches needing to redo the grids and hold up the game you'll appreciate this policy.


Aside from an injury or child fouling out, a coach my override the grids by having a player sit if it is in the best interest of the other 19 kids on the floor. (i.e. disciplinary action is required; child refuses to listen to the coach)



When a child is removed from the game (injury, foul out, disciplinary) the next rated child is entered into the game.  If the removal is for multiple periods, the coach should

as a courtesy review the plan for the remaining periods w/the opposing coach.