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Participation Grids (How to Use)



Please print out copies of each grid and make a few copies of each.   The participation grids can be listed via the "Printing Participation Grid" link. You will then use whichever grid applies with all the "X" already filled in. (You only need to list the players)


i.e. if you have 9 players and your opposing coach has 8, you will both use a 9 X 8 grid. (there is a grid for every combo from 5-10 players)


Each coach is responsible for utilizing the pre-determined grids for allocating playing time.  The basis for which grid to use is determined by the attendance of BOTH teams. As a coach you should check w/the other coach how many players they have.  Once this is established the grid should be completed as follows:


1. You are required to list your players from most skilled to least skilled.


NOTE: Your basis for "most skilled/least skilled" sorting is your own fair self-assessment of your players as the season progresses.  This may change as the season progresses and the sorting should be updated accordingly for each game. (Keep in mind the goal is to have kids of comparative experience on the floor in an effort to keep the games fair; the grids are created based on this premise.)


2. As there are 8 periods in the game the periods marked with a 'X' are the periods that each child plays. Barring any injuries or kids wanting to volunteer to sit out (very rare as you can imagine) every attempt should be made to adhere to these grids for consistency.


3. In the event a child fouls out, the next child not playing in that period should be played. (i.e. If the 6th child on your team fouls out and the 7th is already in the game, the 8th player should be put into the game) If there is no lower rated player the next highest rated player should be inserted.


4. Aside from an injury or child fouling out, a coach may override the

grids by having a player sit if it is in the best interest of the other

19 kids on the floor. (i.e. disciplinary action is required; child

refuses to listen to the coach. safety issue w/the child's rough play)


When a child is removed from the game (injury, foul out,

disciplinary) the next rated child is entered into the game as is noted above in #3.  If the removal is for multiple periods, the coach should

as a courtesy review the plan for the remaining periods w/the

opposing coach.