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3 on 3 Rules

3 on 3 Game Rules (Boys Grades 3-9, Girls Grades 4-8)

#1 A flip of a coin by the ref will determine which team starts with the ball for the first game.  Possession will then alternate on subsequent jump balls.

#2 Games are up to 31 or when the time expires. Each game is 20 minutes running time. (16 minutes for 3B, 4B, 4G, 5/6G)  Field Goals worth 2, Foul Shots worth 1.  There is no "3 pointer" due to the fact we do not have arcs at the side baskets. This does not change for the Championship Games which will be played on the Main Baskets for some levels. Foul shots are only taken if in the act of shooting. (*)

* Except in the final 20 seconds when ALL fouls are 2 Shot Fouls.

#3 Equal playing time is required for all players. A horn will signal the subs during every 2.5 or 2.0 minutes in the gyms.  (i.e. 8 times throughout the game) The kids will be required to rotate in a consistent order throughout  the game.  The equal participation for each child is modeled  after the Participation Grids in the Rec Hoop Program.  The  only exception to this would be if a player were injured or initiated the request to be taken out of a game for a  non-competitive reason.

NOTE: The game is a 20 or 16 minutes running time game w/the horn
blowing every 2.5/2.0 minutes so each child subs exactly twice.  The only stoppage of the clock is in the last 20 seconds.  Since we have multiple games ongoing in the same gym and can't use a clock, the refs will call out the last 20 seconds and stop the clock as appropriate.  In the last 20 seconds please keep in mind that on a check the clock starts not when the ball is checked back but when the initial pass is made and that receiver (or the defender if it is a steal) touches the ball. (It is a good idea in a close game as a ref on a dead ball in the last 20 seconds of the game to grab the ball while time is halted and remind this to the kids so they understand this especially in a close game.)

#4 Each possession must be cleared to the top of the key. (At least one foot of the player when he has the ball must cross an "imaginary" line tangent to the top of the key)  Two scenarios to consider which have happened in the first few years of  the tourney:

a. If Team A fails to clear and a basket is made by Team A this would technically be a basket for Team B. However, the ref will wave the basket off and award the ball back to Team A.  (this is most likely to occur at the younger level when the kids are confused) During the game the ref can help with calling out whether the ball is cleared on close calls to attempt to avoid this situation from occurring.

b. Team A rebounds a shot from Team B. While Team A is trying to clear the ball Team B steals the ball before Team A can clear the ball.  Team B does NOT need to clear the ball and can go straight to the basket. (Even though A gets the rebound think of it as B's possession until the ball is cleared.)

#5 The ref will review the out of bounds lines before the game to both teams.   (At least in the Oak St Blue Gym the baseline and sideline are not easily distinguished w/o pre-game clarification.)

#6 A player fouls out on the 5th foul in a game. (A team may play with less than 3 players but must start each game with at least 3 players.)  Scoresheets are by the scoreboard to keep track of fouls during the game. (A parent can take care of this)

#7  The games MUST finish within the 30 minute ("real" time) timeframe. As noted from the schedule, we are utilizing as much of the court time as possible to accommodate as many kids as possible.  Therefore, if one team has not reached 31 the winner of the game will be the team ahead as of the final horn. (Periodic time warnings will be given but it is running time except the last 20 seconds) 

OVERTIME: If a game is tied after 20 minutes, the overtime will be all four players on each team taking a foul shot.  The team making the most foul shots wins. If it is still tied then the foul shots continue in a sudden death mode with the kids rotating. (We don't have time to continue an overtime and we need to have a winner of each game for tiebreakers.)

#8 A Ref and Scorekeeper will be provided for each game.  These folks will have the ultimate authority on any judgment matters.   (If there is a rules clarification needed the Adult Division Coordinator can be consulted.) 

Especially at the younger levels, the High School refs will be very involved teaching and reminding the kids the rules of the game.  For many, this is their first experience playing in 3 on 3 games.